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Raw Spirituality Podcast

Jun 30, 2021

Zack and Alyssa discuss the significance of birthdays and also the increasing intensity levels of ascension symptoms many people are experiencing lately. 

Jun 25, 2021

Alyssa and Zack discuss our innate, inner GPS that is directing the events in our lives. New Earth energies are also on the menu, along with how they're affecting us everyday.


May 31, 2021

Alyssa and Zack discuss the human VVR ( Victim, Victimizer & Rescuer) program and how it shows up in our everyday life. 


May 24, 2021

Alyssa and Zack discuss the link between safety and unity consciousness and the experiences that separation consciousness  magnetizes into our life stream. 

May 14, 2021

Alyssa announces the launch of her new book, The Third Eye Diet”.

They also discuss how to deal with big life decisions and the spiritual definition of regret.